Mechanical Analysis
Mechanical Analysis

Mechanical Characterization

JCET’s mechanical characterization includes warpage simulation, stress simulation and solder joint life prediction using the ANSYS and ABAQUS tools.

Warpage and Stress Simulation

Warpage and stress are the primary concerns in integrated circuit (IC) reliability. The thermal-mechanical coupling of the materials which occurs during the standard manufacturing process will affect an IC package’s reliability. Our mechanical simulation service considers the impact of material properties, manufacturing processes and assembly procedures on an IC. By analyzing the materials’ effective coefficients of thermal expansion, Young’s modulus and the temperature excursions that occur during the manufacturing processes, we can determine the corresponding impact on IC reliability. To ensure the reliability of IC packages, a parametric study is commonly used to check the impact of IC materials, package dimensions and package configurations. With the optimization of parameters, JCET’s design and characterization team is able to design the most reliable IC packages for stringent requirements or specifications.

Solder Joint Reliability

JCET’s design and characterization team has an extensive background in the analysis of solder joint reliability analysis, such as the life prediction of the temperature cycling test, and the optimization of package configurations to meet application specifications. Various constitutive equations and life-prediction models are used to correlate the simulation data and experimental data.

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