Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis




Optical Microscope


To inspect sample appearance, die surface, crack, contamination, scratch and oxide layer defects, etc.



To inspect bonding wires, attached die and lead frame and void, etc.


JEDEC J-STD-035-1999

To inspect delamination, package crack, die crack, void in resin and bonding layer between die and pad, etc.

Juno Test


To test parameter of semiconductors, including diode, transistor, MOS and three-terminal regulator.

*Iv Curve Tracer

GB/T 13973-2012

To test parameter of semiconductors and ICs, including MOS and BJT, compared with good unit to find differences.



To measure reflections and time delays of pulses injected into a transmission line. Failure location, impedance measurement and open/short test.



To remove the compound to expose the die and observe defects of die and bonding wire.  

Probe Test


To measure electrical parameter or characteristic curve of the die

Crater Test


To remove the top metal layer on pad and to observe the underlay damage

Ion Milling System


To do ion milling polishing to inspect tiny cracks, void and multilayer structure interface.



To observe the surface and cross section of sample’s microstructure and measure the dimension of critical layer with high meg microscope.



To conduct qualitative and semi-quantitative element analysis for specified microstructure on the sample surface.



To inspect defects layer by layer, including etching residue, metal crack, metal damage, oxide defect and poor via connection.

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