JCET's Comprehensive Packaging Solution Empowers Intelligent Driving Applications


JCET Group, a global leader in integrated circuit (IC) final manufacturing and technical services, has a long history in advanced packaging. It offers diverse, reliable packaging and test solutions and production capacity for autonomous driving chipmakers. As Level 3 and higher autonomous driving technologies advance, the automotive intelligence market is entering into the 2.0 era. JCET remains committed to providing strong technical support and services for its customers and the broader intelligent driving industry.

There are currently two main types of automotive autonomous driving solutions: multi-sensor fusion solutions centered around LiDAR, and pure vision solutions primarily based on cameras. LiDAR features high measurement accuracy, wide range, and reliable safety. It can accurately perceive surrounding information even in harsh environments, making it the solution of choice for most automakers. However, its algorithm iteration speed is relatively slow. Pure vision solutions mainly gather information through cameras and are lower-cost. In model calculations, faster algorithm iteration speeds due to fewer sensors involved make it another mainstream solution for autonomous driving.

Intelligent vehicles rely on a closed-loop process of data collection, transmission, storage, processing, simulation, training, verification, and deployment. This process involves various chip types, each with specialized chip packaging requirements based on its functions and features. The figure below illustrates the main automotive modules and their corresponding chip packaging forms.

Intelligent driving has evolved over many years, forming a complex ecosystem consisting of vehicle manufacturers, software developers, hardware suppliers, data processing companies, communication service providers, and other key stakeholders. Each participant plays an indispensable role in advancing the development of intelligent driving technology.

JCET sit at the heart of this intelligent driving ecosystem, playing a central role in critical areas like intelligent driving sensors and high-performance computing. JCET has years of experience in high-volume manufacturing (HVM) of automotive-grade chip packaging, collaborating closely with leading global customers. This expertise has positioned it as the industry leader in business scale and technological capabilities, with automotive business revenue exceeding 2 billion RMB in 2023. JCET provides a one-stop solution for automotive-grade packaging and testing. Its services include traditional packaging such as QFP, QFN, and BGA, as well as advanced packaging such as FCBGA, FCCSP, SiP/AiP, POP, 2.5D/3D. JCET can fully support the demanding requirements of intelligent computing processors – high computing power, reliability, integration, and bandwidth. Beyond that, JCET also addresses the high energy consumption of large models during cloud training. By collaborating with leading power supply vendors, the company delivers customized packaging solutions that optimize power distribution, energy efficiency, packaging size, cost, and heat dissipation.

Through close cooperation with wafer FABs, OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, and chip design companies, JCET has achieved mass production of various mainstream automotive-grade products. Millions of intelligent vehicles worldwide are equipped with fully automated driving chips packaged by JCET. To address the surging demand for autonomous driving, the company is accelerating the construction of its Automotive Chip Manufacturing Base in Shanghai, slated for completion and operation by 2025. Meanwhile, JCET continues to provide comprehensive technical support to its customers, including packaging co-design simulation, packaging reliability verification, and material and high-frequency performance testing. Through ongoing partnerships with leading enterprises, JCET continues to develop innovative solutions and introduce them to mass production.

Mr. Jung Gang, General Manager of JCET’s Automotive Electronics BU, states, “JCET is firmly committed to its customer-centric service philosophy, prioritizing customers' actual needs and offering above-and-beyond services. We promise to deliver high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, making significant contributions to the technological advancement and industrial upgrading of autonomous driving. Our goal is to empower our customers for even greater success!”