Chairman attended the SEMICON China 2012 and delivered a speech


March 21, 2012, Chairman Wang Xinchao was invited to attend the SEMICON China 2012 and delivered a speech themed the “Opportunities & Challenges Facing the Chinese Enterprises in 3D Packaging Era” at the 3D IC and its key technical symposium.

In recent years, the 3D packaging technology has become a dazzling pearl of the semiconductor industry and synonymous with the advanced packaging technology. Chairman Wang began his speech with a brief review of the development and evolution of semiconductor packaging technology to bring on the introduction of 3D TSV packaging technology, which summed up the recent progress of global 3D TSV packaging technology and put forward his own views on the industrial mode changes and restructuring upon the arrival of 3D TSV technology, and concluded with the elaboration on the challenges and opportunities facing Chinese enterprises in the 3D TSV packaging technology, which highlighted the thrust of his speech and had guiding significance for the future development of China’s packaging and testing industry in terms of the 3D TSV technology.

The SEMICON China has become one of the most important events of China’s semiconductor industry since its first appearance in Shanghai in 1988. The exhibition assembles the major equipment and materials suppliers in today’s world semiconductor manufacturing industry and builds a good platform for the exchanges and cooperation between the upstream and downstream on the mainland semiconductor industry chain. Approximately 150 engineers and technicians of our company visited this exhibition.