Successful holding of the 1st “Voice of JCET”

On Jan. 25, 2013, the 1st CIP Project Presentation (the Voice of JCET) was held at the multi-purpose room of Xinchao Group, with more than 400 people, including Lin Zhiguo, the General Manager and other executives and staff representatives of JCET attending the event. Although the Chairman Wang Xinchao failed to come on the scene, he sent an eager video message instead: “It is a very meaningful thing to share the good experience and practice among different departments and create an atmosphere of mutual learning and emulating in the form of ‘Voice of JCET’”. In this contest, there were 12 CIP projects selected by the Suqian Branch, Chuzhou Branch, Material Factory, Center of Circuits, Center of Substrates and Center of Quality Assurance, and all project members demonstrated the core spirit of CIP and the excellent quality of union, innovation, enterprising and courage to fight as a JCET employee, with varied performances and in a high-spirited mental outlook. Among these projects, the “Reduction of the Wire Contraction Rate of Wire Bonder 252 4(R) Copper Wire Packaging Products” presented by the Suqian Branch won the first place with 95.33 points, followed by the “Improvement of MOS Tube Offset Error” in the 2nd place and the “Research on the Decapping of Silver Wire Products” in the 3rd place respectively presented by the IC front and the CoQA. The “Voice of JCET” helped each one gain a more intuitive and profound understanding of the CIP project and introduced the CIP to each post and department of the company. Passion lights dream and wisdom makes excellence. Congratulations on the successful ending of the 1st CIP Project Presentation (the Voice of JCET).