JCET Wins the Honor of “China’s Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise”

In May 2017, as a reward of the winning of the title of “China’s Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise in 2016” by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, Jiangyin Bureau of Commerce gave a munificent reward to JCET. Earning the honorary title is not only a full affirmation to JCET for the quality of its export products, but also for its exemplary role in the industry.

Founded in 1972, 40-odd years of focusing on the development of IC packaging and testing technology, JCET gradually grow into the China’s first and the world’s third largest company in terms of IC packaging and testing technology. Through the establishment and implementation of all-around management systemincluding ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, QC080000, ESDS20.20, ISO27001, ISO17025 and ISO10012 in fields like quality management, safety and environmental protection, hazardous substances management and control, electrostatic protection, information security and CNAS laboratory accreditation, JCET has established a perfect international quality management system to ensure the product quality. It has won such honors as “Jiangsu Famous Brand”, “Famous Export Brand” and “Well-known Trademark”. Apart from an award winner of Quality Management Advanced Company and NationalHonesty Enterprise on Quality, it is also a co-chairman unit of the technological innovation strategic for national IC packaging and testing industrial chain. Adhering to technological innovation and constant enhancement of core competitiveness enabled JCET to be a “leader” from a “follower”. Base on the foundation of “National Engineering Laboratory for Packaging Technology of High-Density Integrated Circuit” in 2009, the technological improvement of system assessment capability, the setting up of corporate academician workstation and the establishment of long-term industry-university-research cooperation mechanism with academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and high-end think tanks, JCET has surmounted key industrial technologies, promoted the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and mastered the world’s leading core technologies. Currently, it ranks the first worldwide in patent licensing, and its products have won the WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention.

The honor of “China’s Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise” has brought many privileges to JCET, for example, the import and export of equipment and products of this title winners will be exempted from inspection or given preferential regulatory by inspection and quarantine institutions; these demonstration enterprises shall be given priority in providing information and training on foreign technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures; bonus points or priority will be given when they are recommend by local governments to participate in local competitions and award voting; these demonstration enterprises will be promoted and publicized by inspection and quarantine institutions by means of various forms or carriers such as news conferences, department websites and foreign affairs activities; these demonstration enterprises can participate in international, domestic and industrial standards revision, and being the executors of both national and industrial standards. At the same time, as a demonstration enterprise, JCET will actively fulfill its responsibilities as an example of quality safety, playing a leading role in the industry. In addition, to drive the sustained and healthy development and improve the overall quality of the industry, it will cooperate with inspection and quarantine departments to extend the successful experience and advanced methods of quality management to both ends of the industrial chain through public technology platforms and channels.

The vision of JCET is to build itself a world-class competitive company in semiconductor packaging and testing technology. To this end, it has to keep up with the development of “intelligent manufacturing in China 2025” and constantly improve its technologies in Internet integration and intelligent robot manufacturing. By leveraging the opportunities brought by the winning of “China’s Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise”, JCET will take further steps in enhancing its core competitiveness!