STATS ChipPAC Jiangyin Semiconductor Co., Ltd.: the first batch of production equipment is relocated, opening a new milestone


Posted on December 14, 2016

On the morning of November 5, a vehicle loaded with semiconductor packaging equipment was warmly welcomed and driven slowly into JCET’s Chengdong factory. The production equipment of STATS ChipPAC Jiangyin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JSCC) is moved in succession to the newly built plant in Jiangyin.

Chairman Wang Xinchao, executive vice president and general manager Luo Hongwei and other leaders of JCET came to the scene for celebrating the relocation. Chairman Wang presented a horizontal plaque written with Chinese characters Zhi Zai Gao Yuan (one must have lofty and farsighted aspirations) at the scene to SOH Lip Leong, the general manager of JSCC, hoping that JSCC may achieve significant development in the future.

Since JCET acquired STATS ChipPAC on August 5, 2015, the construction of new JSCC factory became important planning of the Company. After more than one year’s careful construction, an area of nearly 100,000 m2 has been built as office buildings, factory buildings and those for restaurants and equipment. The adjacent supporting staff dormitory buildings are already in service.

The relocation of JSCC is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2017. We believe that with joint efforts of all staff and departments at all levels, STATS ChipPAC Jiangyin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. will definitely embrace a brilliant tomorrow.