In response to the current coronavirus epidemic, JCET Group Co., Ltd. has responded quickly to incorporate the relevant regulations at the national, provincial, municipal and high-tech government levels and has quickly established the Emergency Command Committee on nCov, led by CEO Li Zheng and Emergency Working Committee. The committees are taking various measures to ensure the physical and mental health of our employees, to protect the company's current production operations, and making every effort to ensure we continue to meet our customer order requirements.

JCET Group Co., Ltd. fully recognizes the severity of the nCov situation and will continue to strictly execute and follow the preventive requirements and measures established by both the local governments and our company. Our entire management team is on First Level Response to this epidemic situation. On January 23rd, when JCET Group's “New Coronavirus Epidemic Emergency Preparedness Plan” was announced, we decided to cancel all business travel and also began to promote and implement various types of epidemic prevention knowledge to our employees. On January 30th, according to “Notice of Jiangsu Province General Office on Extending Enterprise Resumption of Enterprise Work”, JCET Group Co., Ltd. extended the China New Year Holiday. JCET Group Co., Ltd. has been in close communication with the employees from Hubei Province who have returned to their hometown, asking them to be home quarantined  and wait for the company notice for resumption of work. During this home quarantine period, the wages and benefits are paid according to national regulation.

The current production and operation status of JCET Group’s China factories are stable, and the production and operation of its factories in South Korea and Singapore have only seen minor affects from the outbreak. Due to strong business demand during the Spring Festival, JCET Group’s Jiangyin Campus continued production at the end of 2019 and only a small portion of employees returned to their hometown for the China New Year holiday. Because of the epidemic outbreak, we required those employees remain where they are and wait for our company notice to resume work. Customer support teams such as sales, customer service, engineering, and other production support teams are currently working remotely from home and will continue to support and respond to customer needs in a timely manner. As JCET Group is a key part of the production supply chain of medical electronic devices urgently needed in today’s market, we are working hard to meet the relevant customers’ requirements in priority while strictly executing the preventative measures and ensuring safety, all in coordination with government and relevant departments who are providing strong support. Currently our material stocking can meet our production requirements. Our company is also actively communicating and coordinating with the relevant government departments to ensure the supply of required raw materials. Our company will adjust production and operation scheduling based on the status of the epidemic and any market changes.

Recently, in order to further implement epidemic prevention work, the JCET Emergency Responding Working Committee responsibilities were refined and all teams are now on 24 hour standby. Volunteers have actively participated in the multi-pronged approach to ensure strict implementation of various measures. In accordance with the national and Jiangsu provincial government's requirements for epidemic prevention and control, measures such as closed plant sites, visit registration, enhanced daily management, temperature monitoring and timely reporting were adopted. Our company established a distribution and supply chain procedure to strengthen our preventive and control measures inside and outside the company's factories with both employees and visitors to ensure the health of employees and the stability of the company's production and operations.

In parallel, our company also has taken various measures to care for our employees by providing a safe and comfortable working & resting environments. The company adjusted the production employees working shifts to ensure they have sufficient resting time. JCET China’s company clinic is providing Chinse herbal medicine to improve employee immunity. For employees who have returned to factory from their hometown and are quarantined as per requirements, the logistic support department is coordinating arrangements to provide a convenient and comfortable environment during this time. The logistics and support department actively sends the meals to the quarantine area, which is convenient for those employees and also avoids the potential for cross infection. JCET also on a daily basis disinfects and sterilizes the public areas in the factory such as the canteens and dormitories. The company has also extended our epidemic prevention efforts to the communities where employees live, actively cooperating with the community to provide assistance to the community and employee families, and strived to minimize the risk of the epidemic. 

JCET Group will continue to actively cooperate with and respond to various government measures, in order to prevent, control and fight the epidemic together.


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