JCET Subsidiary SCK Awarded "Supplier of the Year” for 2021 by Montage Technology


January 19th, 2022, Shanghai, China --- JCET, the global leading integrated circuit back-end manufacturing and technical service provider, announced its subsidiary STATS ChipPAC Korea Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SCK"), was awarded the "Supplier of The Year" by Montage Technology for its excellent manufacturing and technical service provided in 2021. This award was recognition of JCET’s contribution in quality control, seamless support and partnership with Montage Technology and it is a win-win continuation of the close cooperation between the two companies over the past decades. Mr. Li Zheng, CEO of JCET and Mr. Stephen Tai, GM of Montage Technology held meeting on Jan. 18th in Shanghai and witness the award.

Mr. Stephen Tai, GM of Montage Technology and  Mr. Li Zheng, CEO of JCET

As the third largest semiconductor manufacturing and technology service provider in the world and the largest in mainland China, JCET is able to provide customers with a full range of one-stop services for chipset manufacturing. Montage Technology is a leading IC design company dedicated to providing high-performance, low-power IC solutions for cloud computing and data center markets. JCET and Montage Technology have built a close partnership and have collaboratively grown their market share together over the past decade.

The SCK team has supported Montage Technology in achieving mass production of core production wafers in 2021 and has provided seamless support in new project collaboration. Mr. Gang Shi, Montage’s VP of Operations at Montage Technology said, "Over the past year, the teams at JCET have demonstrated their continued professionalism, excellent quality and process control, proactive collaboration and service, which not only ensured excellent quality products but also significantly reduced the time to market for our products.  We look forward to the long and stable strategic cooperation with JCET to provide higher quality chipset products and services to the market."

JCET is one of Montage Technology’s primary suppliers and the sole winner of this award in the semiconductor back-end manufacturing category. Mr. WonGyou Kim, General Manager of SCK, said, “JCET has always put "customer focus" as a priority in every aspect of our operations. We are very pleased with and grateful for this recognition of our performance by Montage, which is a true testimony of our cooperation and execution over the past years. It will serve as a major cornerstone of our long-term win-win partnership. We look forward to working more closely and extensively with Montage to continue to meet their expectations.”