Immersive Semiconductor Packaging and Test Museum Opens in Jiangyin


December 27, Jiangyin, China – Today marks the official opening of the Semiconductor Packaging and Test Museum, established by JCET Group in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province. The museum is a specialized institution that showcases the field of integrated circuit packaging and testing. It represents a new initiative by JCET to advance the packaging and testing industry. The museum also serves as a new landmark for promoting science and technology in the IC sector within Jiangyin, as well as a platform to demonstrate the achievements of the packaging and testing industry. 

The museum combines popular science knowledge and modern technology exhibits, using time tunnels, real-world models, and other display methods to create an immersive experience for visitors. Spanning multiple exhibition halls, the museum provides a comprehensive overview of the history, technological advancements, industrial landscape, product applications, and future trends of the packaging and testing industry – highlighting the sector’s vibrant development and vast potential.

Over the past 50 years, JCET has grown together with packaging and testing industry. In the course of its own evolution, the company has also actively supported the industry’s progress in various ways. By establishing the Packaging and Test Museum, JCET aims to help the people understand the packaging and testing industry’s rich history, providing valuable insights into developing emerging sectors and driving economic growth. JCET also hopes to raise public awareness of the fact that “back-end manufacturing is becoming a key driver of innovation across the entire integrated circuit field. 

Mr. Li Zheng, CEO of JCET, remarks, “The packaging and testing industry has undergone tremendous changes over the years. As a leader in this domain, JCET is not only committed to fostering mutual growth across the entire value chain, but also strives to elevate the impact of back-end manufacturing within the industry. We hope that the Semiconductor Packaging and Test Museum becomes a long-lasting hub for science education and public understanding, bringing this critical knowledge to the attention of more people, building confidence and inspiring further progress in back-end manufacturing. Together, we can create new contributions to the integrated circuit landscape.”