Share, Trust, and Prosper: JCET Hosts the 2023 Global Supplier Day


December 27th to 28th, Jiangyin, China – JCET Group’s 2023 Global Supplier Day (China session), themed "Share, Trust, and Prosper," convened in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province. Nearly 500 global suppliers, customer representatives, semiconductor industry leaders and guests joined the event. The conversation focused on promoting win-win partnerships and fostering mutual growth for stakeholders across the industrial chain.

During the gathering, JCET shared insights into its supply chain management philosophy, business development plan, and roadmap for industrial innovation. The company also recognized outstanding supply chain partners with awards such as, “Exemplary Supplier," "Best Quality Supplier," and "Best Delivery Supplier," expressing gratitude for their contributions to JCET's sustained excellence and growth.

JCET has long been committed to an international and professional approach to business management. Grounded in a corporate ethos of "Win-Win Collaboration and Keeping Commitments," JCET has established enduring relationships with both upstream and downstream partners across the industry chain, allowing it to deliver top-tier services to a global clientele and empowering the progress of the entire integrated circuit ecosystem. Moreover, JCET promotes sustainable practices by incorporating ESG principles into its global supply chain management and operations. This involves integrating ecological and environmental responsibility considerations into all aspects of the supply chain, from material selection to production practices and beyond; encouraging suppliers to adopt new green technologies; and promoting the low-carbon transformation of the broader industry.

The Global Supplier Day marked a significant milestone in JCET's supply chain development. It spurred the creation of new models of collaboration within the back-end manufacturing space. The event received high praise from many attendees, who emphasized its pivotal role in guiding supply chain partners towards market leadership and facilitating a transition from mere “supply and demand” dynamics to more collaborative forms of innovation.

Mr. Li Zheng, CEO of JCET, stated, "High-performance packaging is the future of the semiconductor industry, as well as a key area for technological advancements and capacity allocation in the IC industry. This trend demands new collaboration paradigms across industrial and supply chains. JCET hopes to leverage Global Supplier Day as an opportunity to further strengthen the robust and agile partnerships between chip back-end manufacturing and supporting industries. Together with our valued partners, we hope to capitalize on new opportunities emerging from this global industry shift, and achieve mutual success in future market competition."